My Fall Wishlist

Hello fellow bloggers I’m sad to say summer has pretty much come to an end. So now it’s time to focus on Fall. I’m starting to get excited about putting together Fall outfits. I’ve decided to start off the fall season by making a wishlist.

1. Viktoria Puffer Coat by Soia & Kyo
Retails at $583USD

2. Jallade Pants by Wilfred
Retails at $145CAD


3. Vegan Swede Centinela Skirt by Wilfred Free
Retails at $85CAD


4. Valerie Top by Joy Hand
Retails at $106USD


5. Wool Fedora by Eric Javits
Retails at $175USD


6. Wool Scarf by Louis Vuitton
Retails on sale for $303USD


7. Knee High Swede Boots by Mimosa
Retails at $598CAD


8. Duomo Crossbody by Louis Vuitton
Retails at $2040USD

9. Waterproof Foundation by Tom Ford
Retails at $102CAD


I Definitely could of added quite a bit more but I thought I’d keep it simple. Stay tuned for my upcoming fall fashion blogs 🙂

Xo Braeley

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