Floral Craze

I go shopping for clothes at least
2-3 times a week. How can I afford that you ask? Simple! I’ve cut back on high end designer brands that I’d usually end up wearing once or twice and spend hundreds of dollars on for just one single item …to shopping at consignment stores and thrift stores. To me looking through clothes at thrift stores has become a huge hobby of mine and is very therapeutic. I’ve found clothes worth hundreds for anywhere as low as $1.00
For the past few weeks I’ve become obsessed with anything floral. Whether it’s tops, shorts, pants, dresses, shoes! you name it. In this blog I will be showing 3 different items I purchased in floral print all for under $10.
I’m in love with these pink floral high waisted shorts. They are so comfy and look adorable with crop tops. I found these shorts at platos closet. Brand: Betsy Johnson. I paid only $6 they retail for $46 online.


I spent one afternoon going to various thrift shops and picked up 5 different floral tops. This one really stood out to me and I only paid $2.99 Brand: American Eagle. I tried it on with a bunch of different bottoms but thought it looked best with a pair of light jeans and wedged heels.


This dress is my absolute favorite purchase of the summer. It’s floral, off the shoulder and flowy. All my favorites in one. I found this at platos closet with the original tags still attached for only $8 retail price was $38.50. Brand: Forever 21

Xo Braeley

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