Homemade Exfoliator

Forget spending hundreds of dollars on face washes and exfoliators. I have created the perfect exfoliator using 3 of my favorite products. Not only do I put these products on my skin but I also consume them almost everyday. Using natural products on your skin is so much better than using over the counter products that add many harsh chemicals and end up being more damaging than beneficial.
I am so confident about this scrub that I encourage everyone to try it. Whether your problem is wrinkles/fine lines, uneven skin tone, sun damage, blemishes and even moderate acne. Using this routine for 30-60 days, you will notice a significant difference. This exfoliator is as simple as a trip to your local health food store and costs under $20 and should last approximately one year.

The first ingredient is Brown Sugar
Not only does it taste amazing it’s also a natural humectant keeping the moisture inside your skin for the entire day.
This is the ‘exfoliant’ part of the scrub, because it is a natural source of glycolic acid it rids the face of dead skin cells and diminishes the signs of aging especially caused by sun damage. Brown sugar is far more gentle than white sugar. White sugar on your skin can tear it away leaving it irritated.

Secondly my favorite discovery ever: Organic Coconut Oil
If you have sensitive skin like myself this oil is hypoallergenic and extremely safe to put on your skin. Coconut oil is as natural as you can get.
It acts as a antibacterial protectant on your skin protecting it from the effects of everyday pollution and toxins.
Coconut oil acts as the ‘moisturizer’ part of this scrub. Keeping the skin hydrated and smooth all day also replacing collagen loss.

Last but not least Apple Cidar Vinegar
This is important that it is 100% organic and not the kind you buy at the grocery store. Natural apple cidar vinegar contains no pesticides and it hasn’t been refined. This acts as the “Toner” part of the scrub because it contains alpha hydroxy acids this will help even out the skin tone, getting rid of redness, freckles and sun spots. It also acts as a antibacterial agent fighting away unwanted pimples and blemishes.

In a small bowl combine
-2 tablespoons of brown sugar
-1 teaspoon of organic coconut oil (either raw or you can melt it in the microwave)
-2 teaspoons of apple cidar vinegar
-mix the ingredients together until the coconut oil is melted. *if you’ve already melted the oil in the microwave then gently mix.
-Apply to clean face and rub into the skin for 30-45 seconds.
-Rinse with warm water
-skin should feel smooth and moisturized

I’d love to hear feedback

Xo Braeley

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