Bloat Be Gone


DAY #1

DAY #7

As the summer months approaching and vegas vacations creeping up. I was looking for a quick cleanse. For those of you who retain excess water in the stomach area the following detox created by fitness guru Jillian Michaels works wonders and it’s extremely healthy. You can lose 5 lbs of bloat within just 7 days. All you need is 4 simple ingredients that can be purchased at your local grocery store.

You will need the following:

1) Distilled water 2) unsweetened cranberry juice 3) lemon juice 4) dandelion root tea.

*Cranberry juice is a antioxidant and causes frequent urination ridding the body of toxins.

*Lemon juice detoxifies the body and is a great stimulant for the liver.

*Dandelion tea is another detoxifier it stimulates urination and aides in digestion. Also helps to prevent inflammation.

Day #1 drink 60 ounces of distilled water and combine 1 tablespoon of cranberry juice, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a tea bag of dandelion tea. Repeat for 7 days.

I’ve tried 3 different cleanses without any success and after trying this cleanse I noticed results within just 3 days. This works because it flushes out all excess water that you’re carrying around. For myself I lost a total of 4 lbs of bloating in the stomach area, I followed my normal eating habits and no exercise. I believe results will be greater with adding daily exercise to this cleanse. That will be my next goal right before my vacation.

Xo Braeley

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